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Mazzuca Enterprises Inc. was incorporated in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in 1974 by founders and brothers, Michael and Joe Mazzuca.
Mazzuca Enterprises, Inc. competes and performs its contract scope of supply, exclusively in the public works business sector (e.g. city, county, state and federal contracting agencies).

Our corporate offices, are located at 510 N. 14th Street Pottsville, Pennsylvania 17901 and we can be reached at the following numbers, they are, but not necessarily limited to ; (570) 622-4407 and (570) 622-3059 office and facsimile, respectively.

Mazzuca Enterprises, Inc. estimates, bonds, and installs Utility-Underground Piping (Trenching, Water, Waste Water, Sewer and Combined Service Overflow) contract scope of supply.